Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't Miss This Meal Deal!

It's up!
Season 2 Episode 5 Mr Deity and the Really Cheap Meal.
Good-call by the way, skipping the Manna-Skins. (They go directly to your waistline.)

After you've watched the episode, check out this really simple (yeah right) Wikipedia explanation of the referenced scripture, (and even simpler, on Manna.) Buen provecho!

And don't miss the funny comment from Mr D himself in the previous comment thread.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Fun Would That Be?!

Phew! It looks as though, somehow, Lazy Eye Pictures has not been affected by the writer's strike! Hallelujah!
However, the prima-donna star of this production seems intent not only on contract renegotiation, but also on changing the damn script.
(S.2.E.4) Mr. Deity and the Notes
(Oh, and this is the first episode available in "HDNA".
No, "NA" does not stand for "Not Available", it is Sony being cute, incorporating the corporate "DNA" into their High Definition products.)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who's the better sport? ...

..."the Deity" or Humankind? I dunno, but I just hate to see Jesse suffer this way. More challenging than "the Passion of the Christ"!
Hey, Crackle delivered on-time this Episode... caught me napping... watch here - Mr Deity and the Voicemail
...and don't miss Hollywood cultural references like I did... Doh! (thanks commenters) (April: "Parental Alienation" blamed in actor Alec Baldwin incident.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You've just gotta play this game!

Click to play, (not the game, the video.) You are already playing the game. Editor's Choice, November 3rd. "Mr Deity and the Meaning" (Season 2, Episode 2)

Update: Free Mr Deity Secret Decoder Ring
Dance the Macarena
Do the Hustle!
Mc Hammer (in parachute pants) "Can't Touch This"
Cool Mashup! Bowie: "Under Pressure"/ Vanilla Ice: "Ice Ice Baby"
Um, couldn't find anything about Nomen Clature

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mr Deity Fan Bloggerz

Thank you commentors for a great deal of the "meat" of this fanblog.
It does seem Sony Pictures' Crackle has been out to test our "faith", eh?

The comment thread has been replete with: opinion, visits from from both "Mr Deity" and "Larry", a snark or two, and even poetry. Resourceful fans have been trading tips and ferreting out snippets of info. Commenter Tom L drolly informs us that the last episode from "Season 1" is planned to be introduced to new fans October 6, with Season 2's Episode 11 being released October 17.

Snark away!
(For reference... quick-link for the thread so far)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great Drinkers Present "Proof" of Mr Deity's Existence

Establishing shot... Earth time: 2007
Mr. Deity, Lucy, Larry and Jesse grab their favorite table in the corner of the bar.
They are meeting to brainstorm about how to mess with physics researchers who are on the verge of finding the "God Particle" at CERN labs in Switzerland.

While they wait for the fifth member of their party, (young Ms. Fate, who's arrival is proving rather unpredictable), Jesse asks Mr. Deity: "Sir", "Tell us again why exactly you don't let people know you exist for sure or not?"

"Listen, I have refused to prove that I exist," says Mr. Deity, "...because as I've said before, and will say again: PROOF DENIES FAITH, AND WITHOUT FAITH I AM NOTHING!"

"Yes but... Sir?..." Larry worries out-loud, "As we three sit here looking at you, we have no "faith" per se that you exist, so by your own argument, you don't... I mean, you wouldn't, ...would you?... Sir?"

"Oh shoot!," says Mr Deity, (accidentally spilling his drink in the tortilla chips,) "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly disappears in a puff of irreconcilable logic.

(Thanks to the late great Douglas Adams, commenter Nalene and Mr. D.)

"I hear great rumblings...", mumbled the eccentric oracle "Wingo" upon arriving back from the top of the volcano.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...and just into the concession stand!

(...along with a re-supply of Goobers you demanded,) the long promised Mr. Deity goodies have finally arrived! Yippee!

(We may just have to keep the stand open longer so everyone can browse the shop before we start the show.)

See the Mr Deity line via or go directly to the Mr.Deity store at CafePress.

I think I'm gonna enjoy confusing my friends and the faithful alike with my "What Would Jesse Do?" T-shirt! hahaha

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Time to visit our concession stand!

[foto montage by your "faithful" blog host]
Ah, such a lovely late-summer evening. What's that sound? Never mind, the MrDeityFan Star-Lite Drive-In refreshment booth has many scrumptious snacks & tasty treats and is open all night!

I'm constantly impressed with the MrDeityFan crowd. This is your venue. "Blogging is easy, commenting is hard." If you visit this blog, you gotta visit the comment threads. (Including the previous one[s].)

Just be sure also to pick up some bug repellent before heading back to your car for the show. ...Looks like there'll be time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mr. Deity Snags #1 Top Billing on Sony's Crackle

[composite artwork by moi, your faithful blog host]
On the first day of operation for Sony's Crackle new streaming-media venture, "Mr. Deity" episode #2; "The Really Big Favor" was the very first video any visitor saw! Score!
Normally "Mr. Deity" is brought to you via Crackle's "Funny" channel. (Where "Mr Deity" episode #1 now has the top spot.) All the Mr. Deity shorts, (including the soon? to be available #11), can be found on the Mr. Deity profile page.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Congrats Mr Deity Crew - A Major Feat!

Photo: Luis Sinco, LA Times
Holy Sony Pictures! Do you hear that Crackle? See LA Times article. (more later...)
...OK, I'm back. Ew sorry, I forgot one has to register with the LA Times to read the article. (Hey, It's Monday.) I recommend taking a moment to register at the LA Times, a great paper, but here's the scoop: You know how we first saw Mr Deity on YouTube, and then also on Grouper? Well, Sony bought Grouper and is totally revamping the service. It will be exclusively handling quality new talent in the video realm and is now known as "Crackle". New episodes of Mr Deity are being produced exclusively for Sony Pictures / Crackle. If you read the entire, interesting article, you will also note that Brian ("Mr. Deity") Dalton has also been in discussion with some "big name company" about... wait for it... (and note how this blogs' trend-surfing readers keep scooping me), ... a possible future Mr. Deity feature film. In the meantime look for the next Mr. Deity episode on !

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mr. Deity Will Be Back In A Moment !

[artwork, as usual, unless otherwise noted, by moi, your faithful blog host]
Grab your popcorn kids, because there WILL be more Mr. Deity episodes!
Not that I have a special audience with the Almighty or anything, but a little angel, (balding), just sat on my shoulder and gave me, (most of), the scoop. (Oh, and a phone call was made between the coasts.)

The bonus for us fans is that we won't see a huge difference from our regular, anticipated fixes of online Mr. Deity fun. The major difference is that the Mr. Deity crew won't be funding their project with bottle returns from their kids school lunches.

As has been mentioned, Brian ("Mr. Deity") has written five great new episodes. But there will be more! Jimbo ("Larry") has asked me to still not mention the name(s) of the production partner(s), but you definitely would recognize said name(s).

So you know how many great episodes we've enjoyed so far?
You can expect that number to double.
Go ahead, get the tub size popcorn.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. D drops "news bells" in our last comment thread.

I was about to thank faithful reader João from Spain with the scoop and then the Big D himself drops in to further tantalize we devotees.
V. cool,... more later. Right now on the East Coast it's nightime for yours truly...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dog in Heaven Feels Our Pain

The pic is of "Aries" from Brian Dalton's feature-length film.
Hey, are we bored, depressed? Experiencing separation anxiety? We the faithful, in our patient awaiting for Mr. Deity's return, must try not to become pugnacious. If you have read the comments threads here you'll get the sense from "Larry", (Jimbo Marshall), that these guys, besides keeping their day jobs ARE making progress with a business deal. Lettuce pray. (PS Apologies for the delayed posting, I was out-of-commission for a while.)
In the meantime, those of the less faithful and questioning variety might be interesting in reading the Wikipedia entry on Meslier, a historic and startling philosopher on religion of sorts, who I recently learned about... inspired a particular cutting Voltaire quip. Cheers from Maine....and thanks for the great response to this blog's first poll!. Verrry interesting.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lazy Eye candy Pictures

As the faithful patiently await the return of Mr. Deity, here's an "easy on the eyes" shot from another Brian Dalton ("Mr. Deity") production, a "mockumentary" about "no-budget" filmmaking. This was actually two frames I quickly stitched together featuring Mr. Deity co-stars Sean Douglas (Jesse/Jesus) and Amy Rohren (Lucy/Lucifer). It's hilarious to me that Douglas' character in Dalton's feature length film stated that he formerly starred in a "Christian soap opera" named "One Afterlife to Live". I admit to have been totally ignorant of the concept of Christian soap operas, but I just learned that Pat Robertson's CBN network produced "Another Life", which had a surprisingly long run, ...because boy was it awful! To quote Lucy, "UNBELIEVABLE"! ["Another Life" clip on YouTube ]

Saturday, April 28, 2007

But Timmy, Sometimes Mr. Deity is Very Busy

Fan's Question: "Mr. Deity, I believed you would always walk with me, and when your footprints disappeared at one point, I bought your line that this is when you were "carrying me", but that's when I got this cut on my foot..."
Mr. Deity: "Okay at that point right there was when I was going out of my way to help little Timmy Robinson get his puppy back... It's not all about you, ya

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mr.Deity sends exciting yet cryptic signs from the heavens

As readers may note from postings in this blog's comment threads by "Larry", something big is afoot with the Mr. Deity crew. Will "Mr. Deity" make the jump to the NTSC tube, become a Neilsons legend, and like the Beatles, "More Popular Than Jesus"?
Ironically some of us fans might not be delighted, but then again, just imagine... Go guys!
(Pardon for the temporarily sparse-posting by moi, I've got the flu... but no worry, I'm still kicking butt and taking lots of liquids.)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Announcing MrDeityFanBlog POLLS!

While we await further rapturous good fun from the Mr. Deity crew, let us amuse ourselves with a poll, eh? If you look over at the sidebar and down the page you'll find that I've managed to figure out how to add my very first poll widget. (Wasn't as easy as advertised.) So, please carefully select your favorite episode, and be sure to press "Cast Your Vote". (All ten episodes seen so far are listed in order.) TIP: Go to this Mr.Deity Episode listing on to do a quick visual reminder of all the episodes, and for Jesse's-sake, watch any you might have missed! Thanks.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hard Core Mr. Deity Fans Emerge

Pondering the "capper" at the end of Episode 10, (rumored working title: "The Bitch is Back",) when Mr. Deity blurts "...who?", I wondered if this was an effort to make this the Easter Special.
Now, going back to Episode 7, I have some fascinating trivia about the "Hokey Pokey". (Don't worry, it's not graphic.) It seems the term evolved centuries ago when some Protestants were mocking the Catholic practice of Transubstantiation. "Hokey Pokey" is a distortion of "Hocus Pocus" which is in turn a distortion of the Latin "Hoc enim est corpus meum", (English: "this is my body".)

Can't be COINCIDENCE, can it?....... (Am I spending too much time with my mouse?) Feel free to discuss.... I mean, about Mr. Deity.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Despite Glitches, Guess Who's Back!

As Life continues to imitate Art imitating Heaven n' Hell, in episode number 10, Mr Deity and gang get a little overwhelmed with technology as things get backed up badly.
In "real" life Mr Dalton is having trouble posting to YouTube again. So, ironically one has to go to a site named after a fish. I can almost hear Lucy mocking "What if the Hokey Pokey IS what life is all about?" Link here to Grouper to download the feed "Mr. Deity and the Seed"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. Deity Gives Us A Sign

...A sign that he gets quite miffed when people try to make a quick buck with bogus reproductions of his product. It appears he is also pretty picky (and prickly) about his brand indentity.
Some hack's billboard, (shown,) reads: "In a bookstore near you...Feeling Lost? Let My Book Guide You. - Mr. Deity."

Episode 9 has finally made it to YouTube. (Regarding ongoing technical troubles with YouTube: When the Mr Deity crew first managed to get the high quality Quicktime / 2:1 ratio video frame up, YouTube screwed that format up. It seems is capable of delivering better quality video, more easily... although in a perhaps less friendly viewer environment.)
Has Mr. Deity's "let's mess with his cable tv" idea bitten him back?!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Give us a Sign! Were is Episode 9?

The secret, kids, is that apparently Mr Deity is not quite ALL powerful. It seems that because of technical difficulties with YouTube, Mr Deity has popped up, temporarily, on something called You can search for Mr Deity there. (hehe) ...or "Click on the Pic" or the link here, to finally get your Mr Deity fix. Enjoy Episode 9 "Mr Deity and the Book"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Evidence the Deity Too Human for Comfort

In Episode 2, the Really Big Favor, Mr. Deity is seen pitching his concept to Jes.
Did you you get a look at the Deity's artwork? No wonder J. was thinking he was getting Punk'd! Mr. D appeared a mite embarrassed too... looked like he was about to snatch this pathetic "storyboard" away from the Boy at one point. Honestly, something that drives me crazy about these BigTime Heavenwood producers is they think they can draw. Maybe if Mr. D had sent away to the Famous Artist Correspondence School, things would have ended up better around here.   Je-SSEE !

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yahweh or the Highway

Can you imagine how difficult it was for the Deity to write the rules that would work for the entire span of human history? I've been needing a Mr Deity fix so long, (where was it?), that I'm going right now to catch a glimse at how it might have been done... in Episode #8 Mr. Deity and the Top Ten now on YouTube. +See the very first Mr. Deity action/stunt scene!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Does this guy really look like an assassin?

The hit man Lucy allegedly hires in EPISODE #7, Mr Deity and the Tour de Hell is this guy. What people don't realize, besides how to pronounce Nietzsche, ("NEE-chee"?, "NEE-chuh"?...), is that he never actually said "God Is Dead". The incident in question was a mishearing by a drunk patron at Nietzsche's favorite nightspot. Upon seeing how few of his boozing philosopher-friends were out that night, Nietzsche really said: "Gawd, it's dead!" (Stay tuned for an anticipated "Mr. Deity" episode featuring a NEW character from the OLD Testament, to find out how the name "Job" will be pronounced.)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not the Lucy You are Thinking Of

A friend thinks that Lucy/Lucifer (Amy Rohren) "Looks HOT" in both episodes she appears in so far...
Although I don't really swing that way, I have to agree. I also think she too has a keen "design sense", the Blue Dress occasionally adding a nice contrast to her warm-hued abode. But what's that sound in the background? Is that a gaffer finishing up his lunch and balling-up the leftover Saran wrap? While I love the sound of where Mr Deity hangs out above the firmament, (reminds me oddly of Star Trek or maybe 2001: a space odyssey ), I'm just thinking that along with the warm glow of split brimstone she could add some nice ambiance with a sound kinda like this one from the freesound project....but something anyway with a bit more of a nice low-rumble of a big bonfire rather than a "snap, crackle, pop". Wait, was that "product placement" right there?

Mr Deity Puts Some Of Us In the Same Pot

The guy on the left is TV star Merv Griffin, the humorless dude on the right is Pol Pot, who I can't manage to make a joke about at the moment. (Look up Genocide in any dictionary.)
Anyway, both these pictures were taken sometime around the 1970's... What possible link could there be? Before you go making up creative conspiracy theories check out EPISODE #7, Mr Deity and the Tour de Hell.

Random Signs from the Aether

  • Sarah of "Sarah and the Goonsquad" says the actor who plays Jesse/Jesus (Sean Douglas) is "kinda cute"... Is she practicing the art of understatement?
  • I noticed a couple weeks ago that Mr Deity has some German fans of the apparently atheistic persuasion (apostates!). Now he's getting fans in Holland... er 'scuse me; the Netherlands.
  • Joe of the irreligious blog "Joe.My.God" (Who I suspect, unlike Pastor Ted, is possibly one of those COMPLETELY homosexual types), says that the person of Mr. Deity is "nelly". I take extreme offense at this because it's the same as saying Mr. Deity is gay. Listen you heathen, Mr. Deity couldn't possibly be gay... (but then come to think of it, how could Mr. Deity be a heterosexual dude exactly? I mean, would he have the right parts?)
  • That said, I do like the idea of God (er, Mr. Deity) portrayed as a bitchy, self-involved Hollywood producer, even though I'm not fond of stereotypes exactly. (And I know, Dalton is I guess, more likely portraying Mr. Deity as a kind of cosmic Hollywood director.)
  • I have it on a higher authority (Hello Pat Robertson?) that Dalton and other cast and crew aren't in Hollywood, but ARE in Southern California, just scattered hither and yon. (Must make it tricky on a limited budget.)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


How strong is your faith? ("Faith in what?" some of you ask... Jesse!)
Mr. Deity is a brilliant, loving satire of the entity we humans have long looked up to.
While I happen to be an agnostic, many faithful folks and even a few God-forsaken atheists have been known to enjoy this "start up" comedy series.
I've decided to take it upon myself to help share the GOOD NEWS!
(By the way, that's the unofficial, un-authorized good news... do I need any other disclaimers?)