Friday, March 23, 2007

Give us a Sign! Were is Episode 9?

The secret, kids, is that apparently Mr Deity is not quite ALL powerful. It seems that because of technical difficulties with YouTube, Mr Deity has popped up, temporarily, on something called You can search for Mr Deity there. (hehe) ...or "Click on the Pic" or the link here, to finally get your Mr Deity fix. Enjoy Episode 9 "Mr Deity and the Book"


Larry said...

Thanks for the news.

We don't know what's going on with youtube. It's very strange and quite frustrating to say the least.

thanks for the support

Larry - Mr. Deity's Personal Assistant

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Is it me, or is the quality and speed better on Grouper?

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Took a gander at the 2006 YT Awards. After watching the winner for best comedy series, I can only draw one conclusion....

Those with triple-digit IQs were somehow disqualified as voters.

I could have at least tolerated a win by that "other" deity show. But Mr. Deity is the best by at least a 50-foot margin.

larry said...


i'm liking the grouper as well. we'll see if it takes off. i think it's backed by sony, so after the ps3 fiasco, who knows?

and yes, i looked at the youtube awards and i seem to agree, although i love the ninja.....and technically i don't think we were on until 07

Jimbo , Larry - Mr. Deity's Personal Assistant

Nalane said...

Has anyone contacted you guys with the idea of getting a tv series going yet? If I had the wherewithal, I'd have been on your door step months ago! Just sent an E-mail suggesting one of Denver's most popular radio stations contact you to do an interview. Hope that's something you'd be interested in doing!

Anonymous said...

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