Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't Miss This Meal Deal!

It's up!
Season 2 Episode 5 Mr Deity and the Really Cheap Meal.
Good-call by the way, skipping the Manna-Skins. (They go directly to your waistline.)

After you've watched the episode, check out this really simple (yeah right) Wikipedia explanation of the referenced scripture, (and even simpler, on Manna.) Buen provecho!

And don't miss the funny comment from Mr D himself in the previous comment thread.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Fun Would That Be?!

Phew! It looks as though, somehow, Lazy Eye Pictures has not been affected by the writer's strike! Hallelujah!
However, the prima-donna star of this production seems intent not only on contract renegotiation, but also on changing the damn script.
(S.2.E.4) Mr. Deity and the Notes
(Oh, and this is the first episode available in "HDNA".
No, "NA" does not stand for "Not Available", it is Sony being cute, incorporating the corporate "DNA" into their High Definition products.)