Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. D drops "news bells" in our last comment thread.

I was about to thank faithful reader João from Spain with the scoop and then the Big D himself drops in to further tantalize we devotees.
V. cool,... more later. Right now on the East Coast it's nightime for yours truly...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dog in Heaven Feels Our Pain

The pic is of "Aries" from Brian Dalton's feature-length film.
Hey, are we bored, depressed? Experiencing separation anxiety? We the faithful, in our patient awaiting for Mr. Deity's return, must try not to become pugnacious. If you have read the comments threads here you'll get the sense from "Larry", (Jimbo Marshall), that these guys, besides keeping their day jobs ARE making progress with a business deal. Lettuce pray. (PS Apologies for the delayed posting, I was out-of-commission for a while.)
In the meantime, those of the less faithful and questioning variety might be interesting in reading the Wikipedia entry on Meslier, a historic and startling philosopher on religion of sorts, who I recently learned about... inspired a particular cutting Voltaire quip. Cheers from Maine....and thanks for the great response to this blog's first poll!. Verrry interesting.