Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mr. D. Issues a Fatwa on Unauthorized Biographers

The author Salman Rushdie has been issued a death-sentence for a book he published in 1988.

As we rejoin Mr. Deity, (directing long-suffering Larry to do his dirty work), arguably worse is being unleashed on those associated with the book dedicated here to the Big D.

Here we go (just click) Mr. Deity and the Book, Part Deux

("Part Deux/Two" because what we'll now call Part One; "Mr. Deity and the Book", was the title of the classic prequel from early in the very first season. Was that really way back in March 2007?)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No evidence of virtue from Mr. Deity!

(season 3 begins...)
Hey I didn't say it, he did!

This is going to put the Big D in REALLY hot water with Lucy, and we ain't talkin' "jacuzzi".

(Also note the neat thing I got an impression of; that the place were Mr. D., Jesse and Larry hang out is a lot like the holodeck on the Enterprise.)

Watch Season 3, Episode 1; Mr. Deity and the Virgin

(This video has extra features, and you don't even have to mess with the remote to see them.)

Let's send up a big "Thank You" to the Deity gang.