Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. Deity Gives Us A Sign

...A sign that he gets quite miffed when people try to make a quick buck with bogus reproductions of his product. It appears he is also pretty picky (and prickly) about his brand indentity.
Some hack's billboard, (shown,) reads: "In a bookstore near you...Feeling Lost? Let My Book Guide You. - Mr. Deity."

Episode 9 has finally made it to YouTube. (Regarding ongoing technical troubles with YouTube: When the Mr Deity crew first managed to get the high quality Quicktime / 2:1 ratio video frame up, YouTube screwed that format up. It seems Grouper.com is capable of delivering better quality video, more easily... although in a perhaps less friendly viewer environment.)
Has Mr. Deity's "let's mess with his cable tv" idea bitten him back?!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Give us a Sign! Were is Episode 9?

The secret, kids, is that apparently Mr Deity is not quite ALL powerful. It seems that because of technical difficulties with YouTube, Mr Deity has popped up, temporarily, on something called Grouper.com. You can search for Mr Deity there. (hehe) ...or "Click on the Pic" or the link here, to finally get your Mr Deity fix. Enjoy Episode 9 "Mr Deity and the Book"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Evidence the Deity Too Human for Comfort

In Episode 2, the Really Big Favor, Mr. Deity is seen pitching his concept to Jes.
Did you you get a look at the Deity's artwork? No wonder J. was thinking he was getting Punk'd! Mr. D appeared a mite embarrassed too... looked like he was about to snatch this pathetic "storyboard" away from the Boy at one point. Honestly, something that drives me crazy about these BigTime Heavenwood producers is they think they can draw. Maybe if Mr. D had sent away to the Famous Artist Correspondence School, things would have ended up better around here.   Je-SSEE !

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yahweh or the Highway

Can you imagine how difficult it was for the Deity to write the rules that would work for the entire span of human history? I've been needing a Mr Deity fix so long, (where was it?), that I'm going right now to catch a glimse at how it might have been done... in Episode #8 Mr. Deity and the Top Ten now on YouTube. +See the very first Mr. Deity action/stunt scene!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Does this guy really look like an assassin?

The hit man Lucy allegedly hires in EPISODE #7, Mr Deity and the Tour de Hell is this guy. What people don't realize, besides how to pronounce Nietzsche, ("NEE-chee"?, "NEE-chuh"?...), is that he never actually said "God Is Dead". The incident in question was a mishearing by a drunk patron at Nietzsche's favorite nightspot. Upon seeing how few of his boozing philosopher-friends were out that night, Nietzsche really said: "Gawd, it's dead!" (Stay tuned for an anticipated "Mr. Deity" episode featuring a NEW character from the OLD Testament, to find out how the name "Job" will be pronounced.)