Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. Deity Gives Us A Sign

...A sign that he gets quite miffed when people try to make a quick buck with bogus reproductions of his product. It appears he is also pretty picky (and prickly) about his brand indentity.
Some hack's billboard, (shown,) reads: "In a bookstore near you...Feeling Lost? Let My Book Guide You. - Mr. Deity."

Episode 9 has finally made it to YouTube. (Regarding ongoing technical troubles with YouTube: When the Mr Deity crew first managed to get the high quality Quicktime / 2:1 ratio video frame up, YouTube screwed that format up. It seems Grouper.com is capable of delivering better quality video, more easily... although in a perhaps less friendly viewer environment.)
Has Mr. Deity's "let's mess with his cable tv" idea bitten him back?!


larry said...

yes, we shouldn't have made the cable tv comment, but it was funny, right?

Larry - Mr. Deity's Personal Assistant

realwingo said...

Jimbo! Thanks for visiting (and for your "plugs" on YouTube and Grouper!)

Hehehe, but I wonder if maybe the Cable Gods didn't get that particular joke!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Mr. Deity at the moment! It's amazing! Funny without being offensive, witty and creative - I can't wait for more.

When's the 30 minute episode being done??


Murphy J Stillwater said...

I'm under quota this week. I need to get caught up....

"sycophant, sycophant, sycophant"

OK, so I didn't use it in a proper sentence, but I still used the word.

Episode 9 covers many of the bases that I love about Mr. Deity. The "design sense" reference, I think, will be on par with Fonzy's "Aaayyyyy", only much more skillfully used. "...cocoa butter....for nothing" was brilliantly timed. Lucy and Jesse are great, but the exquisite chemistry between Mr. Deity and Larry is...well...it has exquisitosity.

larry said...

hey, maybe this whole blogging thing is taking off?
we are getting a lot of positive feedback on youtube, it makes us all really happy!
brian's busy writing the next episode....i've told him, the pressure is on!


Larry - Mr. Deity's Personal Assistant

tlftlftlf said...

Realwingo --Just want to say thanks for the terrific public service you are providing here. Comfort and support between fixes and a place to celebrate each new creation. As a Mr. Diety true believer I REALLY need this and will do my part for viral promotion for Mr. Diety and the fan fellowship.

DaNutz said...

Mr. Deity Rocks! Thanks for this important creative critic of religion. I particularly like episode 9 as it points to the biggest problem with fundamentalism which is an overly literal reading of the bible.

Progressive Faith Blogger said...

We want Mr. Deity merchandise. Sell some damn t-shirts already!!!

"Its not my book"
"obviously that's the downside"
"Take it to void and back it off a skosh"
"I'm the deity"
"I swear to Zeus"
"Just say NO to spam prayers"
"Mr. Deity found my puppy"
"Obama Nation"
"I went to the 13th demension and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
"Are you punking me?"

realwingo said...

Hey folks. Thanks for posting.
Fox Dougan: I can't speak for the Mr Deity crew, (since I'm just a fan from the other coast,) but I think they would need some serious commitment from someone with capital to do that. Which is what they are hoping to do.
"tlftlftlf": Wow, thanks so much.
Isn't it funny how many of us fans are talking of "fixes"?...And "Fan fellowship" is a good one!
"Progressive Faith Blogger": yeah that is something maybe Larry should jump on, (I mean Jimbo Marshall)...and Brian Dalton is a terrific graphic designer too!

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Brian has...ummm....design sense?

And I have to say that I would be first in line to buy a shirt with "Take it to void, and back it off a skosh". That might be my favorite Mr. Deity line thus far.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Deity Rocks!

An American in Melbourne said...

brilliant. Everything about it.

The writing, mr D's manerisms, the comic timing. Everything

Thank Zeus for youtube releasing this on the world...

mrdeity said...

Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I hope to have episode 10 up real soon. It's all shot and we had a really, really good time making it. Now, to the editing room, Larry!

larry said...

i love some of the ideas for t shirts, and yes we've been talking about getting those items on the press for quite a while.


Murphy J Stillwater said...

Episode 10 is on the RSS and Podcast. Another cute little piece of genius.

Anonymous said...

In the billboard, what are the words in the blue circle in the upper left hand corner? Whoever chose that font *really* had no design sense!

Anonymous said...

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