Friday, March 7, 2008

The Four Actors of the Apocalypse?

Our favorite ensemble reconvenes for a snazzy location shoot, (and an impromptu picnic.)
This really-really good episode helps to put an end to the myth that the Beatles were ever bigger than the Beatitudes.
Please grab your favorite snacks and enjoy Mr. Deity and the Dress Rehearsal

Pre-show Speculation Edition

Season two finale: Will Jesse get bumped off?

Will the latest chapters of our "Holey Story" represent the ultimate "cliff-hanger"?
Will your loyal blog host, (as with some religious leaders, ) be able to make a career out of predicting the return of Jesse?

Will the faithful blog-commenters continue to sing praises?
(Will a certain blog-troll-boy devotedly re-post? Hey, if you don't have any stalkers, you probably don't have celebrity.)

Whatever happens friends; just remember to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".*

*If you have to ask: A novelty hit from, (coincidentally), "The Life of Brian".