Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...and just into the concession stand!

(...along with a re-supply of Goobers you demanded,) the long promised Mr. Deity goodies have finally arrived! Yippee!

(We may just have to keep the stand open longer so everyone can browse the shop before we start the show.)

See the Mr Deity line via or go directly to the Mr.Deity store at CafePress.

I think I'm gonna enjoy confusing my friends and the faithful alike with my "What Would Jesse Do?" T-shirt! hahaha

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Time to visit our concession stand!

[foto montage by your "faithful" blog host]
Ah, such a lovely late-summer evening. What's that sound? Never mind, the MrDeityFan Star-Lite Drive-In refreshment booth has many scrumptious snacks & tasty treats and is open all night!

I'm constantly impressed with the MrDeityFan crowd. This is your venue. "Blogging is easy, commenting is hard." If you visit this blog, you gotta visit the comment threads. (Including the previous one[s].)

Just be sure also to pick up some bug repellent before heading back to your car for the show. ...Looks like there'll be time.