Friday, March 7, 2008

Pre-show Speculation Edition

Season two finale: Will Jesse get bumped off?

Will the latest chapters of our "Holey Story" represent the ultimate "cliff-hanger"?
Will your loyal blog host, (as with some religious leaders, ) be able to make a career out of predicting the return of Jesse?

Will the faithful blog-commenters continue to sing praises?
(Will a certain blog-troll-boy devotedly re-post? Hey, if you don't have any stalkers, you probably don't have celebrity.)

Whatever happens friends; just remember to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".*

*If you have to ask: A novelty hit from, (coincidentally), "The Life of Brian".


RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

I have it on higher authority that the working title for this episode was "Who Shot JC?"

Anonymous said...

It was OK, but for a season finale.... :( Did like the whole Jesse as a Kung Fu master :)

"I just Clocked your savior" :D

RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

"Troll boy just clocked your savior" = methinks an awesome line. Oh, I mean XD

Anonymous said...

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