Friday, February 22, 2008

Yup, evidence the Creator was a guy

In this episode Mr. Deity realizes he should have had a proofreader.
The legacy is that we got stuck with a confusing, (and grammatically incorrect,) Genesis, Chapter 2, Verse 18: " help meet..." (?!)
If it isn't in error, maybe it could be referring to some sort of DIY (Do-It-Yourself)-workshop?
Or perhaps it was an accidental carryover from a rough draft that had Adam taking care of his own laundry?
Enjoy "Mr Deity And The Help Meet"

If you want to read a discussion of the phrase, here's a link that gave me a bit of a headache. (Ctrl+F or Command-F, and typing "meet" will bring you to the phrase in the page.)


murphy j. stillwater said...

An hilarious episode. Kudos to Steve's headset. That was as fine a performance as I've ever seen by an headset.

An helpful tip: No man has ever been shot by a wife while doing dishes. Well, perhaps for poor dishwasher organization....but I digress.

An hat tip to Brian. Definitely the stuff that us fans truly dig. Brilliantly written and performed.

GML4 said...

FUN-NY! Thanks for another great one guys.

I suppose there's only one more... sigh.

syduke said...

I love the fact that the big guy mentions the An H grammatical thing, then they keep on hitting it :)

This is the king of Keep It Simple Stupid! It keeps funny funny and satirical satircal, and an humerous theme humerous :)

Dave MacD said...

I'd just like to point out that "Steve's headset" got into the credits, but Brian's daughter was left out!

Also, I'm still laughing at "Who uses 'an' with an H word? That's an horrendous idea!"

Then sometimes I stop laughing and become preemptively depressed when I remember that the season finale is next.

Mr. Deity said...

Thanks, Dave, for pointing that out. You're lucky I don't keep my omnipotence turned on. Mr. D.
P.S.: Thanks to all. Glad you like it.

murphy j. stillwater said...

Forgot to mention the Godfrey Daniel-like use of "cheese and rice".

Censors relax!

Cheers, Brian!

Kinders said...

Is no-one else finding that this and the previous episode keep freezing every ten-odd seconds?

murphy j. stillwater said...

I only get freezy in HD mode.

jimbo said...

to all,

i would recommend getting it from the rss through itunes, seems to always work there for me.

and yeah, this episode is good, how bout that Lucy!!!

Nalane said...

Lucy was awesome... Love how she plays the indignation in her role. "An healthy nutritious meal" rolled right off her tongue!

Ugh! Can it be we're already at the end of Mr D? Will the final episode be one many of us have seen before? The Seed?

Dante said...

Farther and farther away from the brilliance of season one episode one. We don't seem to squirm in our seats anymore, which to us believers was the fun of the show.

Anonymous said...

I missed you Jimbo, but I still liked the episode. I showed my wife, and she just sat there nodding.

You must have got it right.

Any word on Season 3?

Shandy said...

I really enjoyed it, nice fun little episode, more so I think from a girl's point of view :)

"Clothing... bathrooms... themselves?!"


So true.

Speaking of religious persuasions, I've always been really curious as to what the main listnership of Mr Deity tends towards, I'm an atheist myself.

jimbo said...

no one, well only a select few of us have seen the season 2 finale, and no, it's not the seed episode.
i think you'll all enjoy this one.
thanks for missing me hydrobell, but i'll be in episode 20, 20, did i just say 20? holy moly we have 20 freakin episodes???


tom j lawson said...

Being that stay-at-home dads are doing the exact opposite of what God wants, does that make being one an abomination? Just curious because I am one and I want to know so I can relish the thought of being an abomination...

Murphy J. Stillwater said...

Tom. Lucy. Catheter room.

Nuff Said.

zinfab said...


Another classic episodes that focuses on the memes that have driven this show to the top of my favorites.

Any word on how it's being received by Sony? Are you starting talks about more? Can you throw us a little bone? I'd hate to see us wait an entire year for our next episode? How tight is the contract? Does Sony OWN Deity now? Do y'all (and Sony) get credit for ITUNES watching?


Mr. Deity said...

Hey Dante,
The point of the show was never to make people squirm, and quite frankly, I find that kind of thing childish, and best left to the "angry atheists" or people with an axe to grind (did the nuns smack your knuckles with a ruler?). I'm a very happy guy. Remember that.
And I don't know who these believers are that enjoy people making them squirm. You're a rare breed. Perhaps we can meet sometime for lunch or something?
As for the third season, there are things in the works but nothing definitive. There are other, potentially bigger things in the works too, both for Deity and me personally. But that's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooh, does that mean that we all get to speculate and wait for months again? That was an hilarious time back then...
Nice episode by the way

Dave MacD said...

Oh, Brian, you're such a tease...

Bigger things for Deity? That sounds like fun. What sorts of "other things"? "15 Minutes Later"?

jimbo said...

don't feel special Dave, Mr. D even teases me!!
here's something that might go under the radar,

crackle did an "interview" with Mr. D.


Bill/Cinéaste/FatherReader said...

This was definitely a great one -- and coming on the heels of "The Good," that's saying something.

I find myself checking repeatedly to see if the next episode (the season finale -- sniff) is up yet. The anticipation is killing me...

Anonymous said...

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CatBallou said...

What's the issue with "an help meet"? I couldn't find the discussion at that link.
Before "modern" English, an was the standard indefinite article, derived from the word one.
And meet means suitable.
But you all probably knew that.