Saturday, March 10, 2007

Evidence the Deity Too Human for Comfort

In Episode 2, the Really Big Favor, Mr. Deity is seen pitching his concept to Jes.
Did you you get a look at the Deity's artwork? No wonder J. was thinking he was getting Punk'd! Mr. D appeared a mite embarrassed too... looked like he was about to snatch this pathetic "storyboard" away from the Boy at one point. Honestly, something that drives me crazy about these BigTime Heavenwood producers is they think they can draw. Maybe if Mr. D had sent away to the Famous Artist Correspondence School, things would have ended up better around here.   Je-SSEE !


Murphy J Stillwater said...

"The Really Big Favor" and "The Messages" are neck and neck for my faves. Spot-on dialogue, perfectly acted. Pardon my use of a Moscovian dialect, but they're just fucking funny.

If only for a brief moment in time, I would love to be as devilishly clever as Brian Dalton.

Anonymous said...

We are trying to get more traffic to the site here. I've talked with Brian (Deity) about adding a Friends of Deity page to So it is in the works.
Also, I just came across,
which seems cool and I think someone should submit this blog there. Any thoughts?

Jimbo Marshall
aka Larry - Mr. Deity's Personal Assistant

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Not sure how much good it will do, but I'll have a link up on my site soon. I only get about 500 hits a month. I already have one for

If either of you guys use tracking software, I'd appreciate a report if any come from my site. I'll also post an "announcement" of sorts for this site.

I tried in vain to get some support from Clear Channel Communications, but they won't stick their neck out until something's already popular. Screw 'em.

Progressive Faith Blog said...

"Really Big Favor" is tops on my list. Awesome! I love the drawing. My whole office watches these together and I try to work as many Mr. Deity quotes into my day as I can.

"obviously that's the downside" - Mr. Deity

Anonymous said...

Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor is my favorite, too, thus far. (The Messages is a close second.) Love this line from Larry:

"No, the health plan does not cover crucifixion."

Anonymous said...

I love all of the Dr. Deity shorts. I recognize that many of the jokes are based on events and issues presented in the bible or the Christian belief system. However, I'm not sure where the joke comes from where God never seems to know Jesus' name. Is there actually something in the bible that imlies that God doesn't know his name, or is it just something for fun. Either way, it always makes me laugh.
Thanks for the fun videos!

Anonymous said...

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