Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yahweh or the Highway

Can you imagine how difficult it was for the Deity to write the rules that would work for the entire span of human history? I've been needing a Mr Deity fix so long, (where was it?), that I'm going right now to catch a glimse at how it might have been done... in Episode #8 Mr. Deity and the Top Ten now on YouTube. +See the very first Mr. Deity action/stunt scene!


Murphy J Stillwater said...

Yet another "out of the park" hit. I covet Brian's creativity and quick, sharp humor.

I have to assume he wrote in the foot rub from Larry, and that kinda creeps me out. The look on Jesse's face was similar to mine.

realwingo said...

I guess it just cinches the "sycophant" label you gave "Larry" earlier Murph.
Along with the first 3 Commandments, I think it helps expose the Deity's own vanity. Ironic don't you think?

More fun from the "Mr Deity" crew.

It official: I'm turning my "sajada" سجادة (prayer rug) around to face Temecula, California!

realwingo said...

cinches = clinches. Doh!

tlftlftlf said...


Me too. Getting creeped out is all part of the fun. I loved it. Just wait til Jes learns about the foot washing duties.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

"Perfect Delivery" award goes to Larry after the line...

...thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord, God, in vain.

What the Hell does that mean?

And Jesse's expression between the lines is priceless, too.

Anonymous said...

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