Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mr. D. Issues a Fatwa on Unauthorized Biographers

The author Salman Rushdie has been issued a death-sentence for a book he published in 1988.

As we rejoin Mr. Deity, (directing long-suffering Larry to do his dirty work), arguably worse is being unleashed on those associated with the book dedicated here to the Big D.

Here we go (just click) Mr. Deity and the Book, Part Deux

("Part Deux/Two" because what we'll now call Part One; "Mr. Deity and the Book", was the title of the classic prequel from early in the very first season. Was that really way back in March 2007?)


Dave MacD said...

That chair is choice!

Also, I didn't know that the Deity was so into Hawaiian shirts. At least he doesn't have terrible hair.

Mr. Deity said...

This might be your funniest headline yet. I love your take on our stuff. Really, really funny! B

zinfab said...

I agree with Brian on the title of this post.

I'm very happy to see Deity return. I was just informed you had returned and had an evening with my Deity!

Words is good. I like where it's going, as well.

*big thumbs up to everyone*

Anonymous said...

Hey Deity, is that comment a 'bit'?

Mr. Deity said...

BTS (Behind the scenes)... I wore that shirt because it's the lightest semi-Deityesque shirt I own. It was really hot that day and we can't turn on the air conditioning when we're shooting because of the noise. So, when it came time to change into one of the 4 or 5 "Deity" shirts, I asked Amy and Jimbo if they thought it was okay. Both mentioned that they thought Jimbo had worn it in Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell. Still don't know if they were right. Anyone?

Baconeater said...

Is this where I find God's real word?

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are finally back, checking the blog every day suddenly got a meaning again. Love the episodes, although Lucy is still severly missing! And your assortment of Hawaii-Shirts must be as endless as the D's wisdom, Jimbo is wearing a different one in the tour de hell.

Murphy said...


You're so on the money with your comments on the "tube". So amazing to see you interract as "D".


The Beautiful Kind said...

OK, just got caught up on your blog. I love that your posts are short and sweet!

My 8 yr old daughter and I just finished watching all of Season 1, now we're on to Season 2.