Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deity gives us the 3rd Degree, Gets Burned

Newly found, rare treasure from the vault, never before broadcast: the Larry/Deity Interviews continue... "Larry/Deity 01: Baptism Of Fire". (Speculation why this was cut from the "Interviews" is that Larry looks bad by not following-up on Deity's shocking admission.)

Just found: additional footage, (I think four to be specific). Deity makes an asinine excuse for why Jesse didn't get the stallion.


Murphy said...

You see? It takes a lot of training to understand how, when and why to use fire. This is the sort of thing that happens when the organization deviates from the mission statement.

RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

Nice one Murph!

BTW, nice to see you back after you took leave for such a long time.

Methinks you've been doing a lot of review about the subject of fire.

(Which makes me wonder, is it illegal to yell "Fire" while watching a YouTube movie?)