Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not the Lucy You are Thinking Of

A friend thinks that Lucy/Lucifer (Amy Rohren) "Looks HOT" in both episodes she appears in so far...
Although I don't really swing that way, I have to agree. I also think she too has a keen "design sense", the Blue Dress occasionally adding a nice contrast to her warm-hued abode. But what's that sound in the background? Is that a gaffer finishing up his lunch and balling-up the leftover Saran wrap? While I love the sound of where Mr Deity hangs out above the firmament, (reminds me oddly of Star Trek or maybe 2001: a space odyssey ), I'm just thinking that along with the warm glow of split brimstone she could add some nice ambiance with a sound kinda like this one from the freesound project....but something anyway with a bit more of a nice low-rumble of a big bonfire rather than a "snap, crackle, pop". Wait, was that "product placement" right there?


Murphy J Stillwater said...

As a god-forsaken atheist, hetero, politically independent, mildly neurotic, devastatingly handsome man, I can absolutely assure you that Lucy is extraordinarily HOT.

Again, we see the genius Brian "Unconditional" Dalton (BUD). The juxtaposition of her hotness and the hotness of hell. Brilliant! Or was it just dumb luck.

This series is expertly crafted, and BUD makes Mr. Deity hilarious. Jimbo plays a masterful sycophant.

Hell (no pun intended), I'm out of superlatives. Catch you later. Love the fan site. I R 1.

larry said...

We love this fan site!
anyone know what sycophant means?

Jimbo "AKA, Larry"

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Sycophant (n): 1. A very large member of the pachyderm family, similar to the elephant in most physical characteristics except for lack of large genetalia. May be distinguished from other pachyderms by a unique behavior of following the patriarch of the herd with the trunk placed immediately behind the patriarch's posterior, thereby appearing to "kiss" the leader's hind cheek.

realwingo said...

First of all, let me state that it is a great honor to have 1/3 of the Triune visiting Also thanks to our very first commenter (MJS). Interesting that the initials of Mr Deity's alter-ego spell "BUD", (although the worrisome phrase: "BUD is watching you" comes to one's paranoid mind.)
"sychophant"? Well, before MJS brilliantly beat me to it, what I was going to write was that, the definition might be something like "psycho" or "Psychotic Elephant" but I haven't checked the definition link. sycophant
Either way, I wouldn't concern myself with it... after all, this is what having a sense of humor is supposed to be about, correct? Cheers, ;-) (this blogs' spawner)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Lucy. She's a smart, sexy, sassy career woman. No wonder she gets demonized.

Anonymous said...

I'd be Nietzsche for lushious Lucy any've been a very naughty girl, now GO TO MY ROOM!!!. Just ease up on the catheter, baby >;)

The Beautiful Kind said...

I have been a fan of Mr Deity since the beginning, but strayed from the flock. But I am back! And I've brought my 8 yr old daughter with me!

We just watched all of Season 1, she loves it! She CHEERS every time Lucy is in a show!


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