Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Signs from the Aether

  • Sarah of "Sarah and the Goonsquad" says the actor who plays Jesse/Jesus (Sean Douglas) is "kinda cute"... Is she practicing the art of understatement?
  • I noticed a couple weeks ago that Mr Deity has some German fans of the apparently atheistic persuasion (apostates!). Now he's getting fans in Holland... er 'scuse me; the Netherlands.
  • Joe of the irreligious blog "Joe.My.God" (Who I suspect, unlike Pastor Ted, is possibly one of those COMPLETELY homosexual types), says that the person of Mr. Deity is "nelly". I take extreme offense at this because it's the same as saying Mr. Deity is gay. Listen you heathen, Mr. Deity couldn't possibly be gay... (but then come to think of it, how could Mr. Deity be a heterosexual dude exactly? I mean, would he have the right parts?)
  • That said, I do like the idea of God (er, Mr. Deity) portrayed as a bitchy, self-involved Hollywood producer, even though I'm not fond of stereotypes exactly. (And I know, Dalton is I guess, more likely portraying Mr. Deity as a kind of cosmic Hollywood director.)
  • I have it on a higher authority (Hello Pat Robertson?) that Dalton and other cast and crew aren't in Hollywood, but ARE in Southern California, just scattered hither and yon. (Must make it tricky on a limited budget.)