Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mr. Deity Will Be Back In A Moment !

[artwork, as usual, unless otherwise noted, by moi, your faithful blog host]
Grab your popcorn kids, because there WILL be more Mr. Deity episodes!
Not that I have a special audience with the Almighty or anything, but a little angel, (balding), just sat on my shoulder and gave me, (most of), the scoop. (Oh, and a phone call was made between the coasts.)

The bonus for us fans is that we won't see a huge difference from our regular, anticipated fixes of online Mr. Deity fun. The major difference is that the Mr. Deity crew won't be funding their project with bottle returns from their kids school lunches.

As has been mentioned, Brian ("Mr. Deity") has written five great new episodes. But there will be more! Jimbo ("Larry") has asked me to still not mention the name(s) of the production partner(s), but you definitely would recognize said name(s).

So you know how many great episodes we've enjoyed so far?
You can expect that number to double.
Go ahead, get the tub size popcorn.


GML4 said...

Yay! Thank _GOD_ he's coming back... is this the second coming?

David said...

Indeed. A second coming. With a comparatively brief interval between the first and second coming, I might add.

Dave MacD

Outpatient said...

Well thank Zeus! I was beginning to wonder if maybe I should become an atheist.

Nalane said...

Thank you so much for hosting this blog. Not only has it been entertaining to hear from other fans, it's a great relief to hear that Mr. D & crew are getting the help they need to reach their goal.
Deity Bless You!
(ever wonder why people say that when you sneeze?)

Lisa said...

I know we aren't supposed to know the hour of his coming, but could we at least get a rough date?

RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

"Be ye also patient; establish your hearts; for the coming of (the new Mr Deity episode) draweth nigh."
James 5:8
Anybody know what time "nigh" is? Thanks.

David said...

I second Nalane's comments. Thanks, Wingo.

Murphy J Stillwater said...

"nigh" is a unit of measure much like the cubit. It meant something at the time of writing, but doesn't mean a hell of a lot now.

"And he was to build the beam nigh on three cubits long, and the Deity laughed for he just made that shit up." Hesitations 4:5

jpb said...

What about the chatter about a T.V. series? I'm assuming that's still being worked out(I hope)? Well thank God I can finally stop paying for the visits to the methadone clinic to help with the withdrawls from Mr. Deity it was getting expensive.

David said...

Thank the Deity I have addiction insurance to cover my methadone with only the smallest of copays.

Dave "lmowomau" MacD

Nalane said...

Just for grins, I looked up nigh in the Webster's Dictionary..(it's been close at hand since I first started reading Murphy's blogs..Jesse Christ! He just loves sprinkling in never used words and just totally abusing our vernacular.)
Anyway, nigh has one simple word for the definition... "near" Great... Anybody know where I can get Methadone in Denver? I'm sinking fast!

Murphy J Stillwater said...

I'm sorry Nalane. I'll try to be less assiduous with the vocabulary.

Nalane said...

Murph, Lemme quess... were you one of those cute little nerdy kids doing spelling bees some years ago? If not, I'm concerned that you may be right about looking for a life without Deity. Please don't tell me you're reading Word Power in Readers Digest AND the Dictionary to keep you entertained!

Still pissed you won't spill the beans on the latest Deity news. Sigh... Love ya anyway!

Murphy J Stillwater said...

You mean not everyone reads the dictionary????

Nalane said...

Nope... Big Books like that tend to be pretty random and boring.

Nalane said...

Do you have any clue as to how much popcorn I've had to toss out due to your announcement that Mr D would be back in a "moment?"

Any chance you, D and crew can sync up your moment and nigh watches and give the adoring audience a heads up on delivery?

Loving fan, Nancy Alane

David said...

I haven't thrown out any popcorn myself. I feel that the green and white fur growing on my popcorn really kicks it up the proverbial notch (to 11, if you will).

Dave MacD

Murphy J Stillwater said...


Why don't you just make 10 fuzzier?...Ours goes up to 11.

Haven't thought about that in a long time. Thanks.

We are the Knights Who Say "Nigh"...or something like that.

jimbo said...

ok, again, how much can I tease?
but Mr. Deity and Myself went tubing yesterday (yes, mr. deity loves the lake!) and there's a possiblity that we are shooting next weekend!
thanks to all of those hanging on!
and keep in mind, you can always email me for anything, of course you might not get it, but i do reply to all!

wingo, this site gets better by the post!

jimbo, or larry, or dickwad!

João said...

After seeing all episodes for the 1,000,000,000th time I've just noticed that Mr. D is wearing a wristwatch. What does He need a watch for? Isn't He allmighty, allknowing? What happened to the "all is present with you"?
I need new episodes soon...

Mr. Deity said...

Hey Everyone,
We should haveth a press release next week. Thanks to everyone for hanging with us. There's gonna be some really good stuff coming in "season two" (if I do say so my own Godfrey Daniel self). I know that the Mr. Deity fan blog is set up to receive the announcement, so check back next week -- either here or at

Nalane said...

Mr D may need that watch since he no longer has the all knowingness turned on. In episode 10 he mentions that the spilling of seed need not be on the sin list anymore and explains to Lucy that it used to be like living in front of the Bellagio.

I've recently been hearing ads here in Denver about a new home builder... "New homes built in Denver by Bellagio" Crap! Any idea what goes through my head every time I hear that ad?

zinfab said...

Blessed to the Deity. I arrive today to find TWO posts from our Deity "team." (Larry is NOT the Holy Spirit...? yeah, right)

Jimbo, do you answer "messages" better than the Deity? I've seen what he does with HIS messages... ;)

Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for this site AND, of course, Deity.

jimbo said...


i do answer messages, just ask around, after all, it is my job to keep up with the details


A press release???? HOW EXCITING!

David said...

Oooh, a press release. How official of you. I don't think I've ever been quite so excited about a press release.

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Don't be so impressed. It's a release of a new grape press for winemaking. Jesse can't seem to get the technique down for the whole water into wine thing, so Larry will be the "man behind the curtain" at the wedding.

Jesse's a good-hearted (but chicken) guy, but he's no Chris Angel.

Press release, INDEED.

"Remain vigilant for ye know not when the master of the house will get off the lake, dry off, have a burger and shoot some video." Resurrections 9:5-6

David said...

Come on, Jesse. You can't get the water-into-wine thing?!

Swish and flick, man!

Nalane said...

Send Jesse to Hogwarts.... Snape will set him straight!

zinfab said...

nelane, I think McGonagle [sp] covers transfiguration. Snape covers potions. I'm sure he could mix you a awesome drink, though.

Thanks, Jim. You're tireless!

"Whine, and ye shall receive." Janice 3:10.

Undercover-Sinner said...

Oh sweet.
I started wondering if they got out of idea or what not.
I can hardly wait.

Gnaget said...

We keep getting these updates of soon... I'm starting to get the impression that Mr D learned the definition of "Soon" from Blizzard

Alphaman said...

Saw this article about Grouper/Crackle in the LA Times this morning, and the first thing that popped into my mind was "Jesse! Could it be???" Gee, that looks like Brian... Yay!!! So, the "name" is "Sony"!

RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

And congrats to our reader Alphaman for scooping your "faithful" fan blog host! Mind-you, that was 4:33 AM LA Time, about thirty seconds after the Times came off the press and when I was still in snoozeland with the e-mailed link from Brian waiting in my in-box. hahaha

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