Friday, April 20, 2007

Mr.Deity sends exciting yet cryptic signs from the heavens

As readers may note from postings in this blog's comment threads by "Larry", something big is afoot with the Mr. Deity crew. Will "Mr. Deity" make the jump to the NTSC tube, become a Neilsons legend, and like the Beatles, "More Popular Than Jesus"?
Ironically some of us fans might not be delighted, but then again, just imagine... Go guys!
(Pardon for the temporarily sparse-posting by moi, I've got the flu... but no worry, I'm still kicking butt and taking lots of liquids.)


Murphy J Stillwater said...

Man, I sure hope they achieve their goal sooner rather than later. Weekly Mr. Deity for 22 minutes would kick arse (as opposed to bi-weekly for about 4). I'm a fan now, and I'll be a fan when they're rich.

Mr. Wingo, sir, please get the rest you need and get to feeling better.

shinichi evans said...

It would be really cool for Mr. Deity to be on TV. Sex and the City and Six Feet Under are long gone, but the Sorrypranos are still around, so I would welcome a smartly funny show like Mr. Deity on the airwaves.

Is this Mr. Deity on Page Six? No, it's George Lucas, but I couldn't resist.

Those guys need to be on Page Six.

paul said...

Thank you Mr Deity! What a fun way to bring awareness to the religious silliness' that surrounds us. If the press paid as much attention to Mr Deity as they do to Richard Dawkins it might actually change the world. I would also encourage all fans of Mr Deity to check out The Stuart Davis Show on YouTube. Stuart recently interviewed Sam Harris (Letter to a Christian Nation) and his show, like Mr Deity, is funny as heck.

Larry said...

Yo Wingo,

Hope you feel better soon. And your "design sense" gets better by the week.

We are some kind of small talks with people so stay put for the next episode. We're not making the jump to the boob tube just yet (although as you know we hope to one day)
We are just trying to get some cash to do what we love!


PS _ Shinichi - a big thanks for even mentioning us in the same breath as Sex in the City and the like, you flatter us man!

pps how do i get my picture in the corner like the cool people?

Mr. Deity said...

Sorry for the delay. We have been talking with some people about the future of Mr. Deity. So, right now, we're kind of stuck and can't do another episode. Trust me, this will ultimately be good for the "show."

Murphy J Stillwater said...

The pictures you see by the posts are registered bloggers. If you have a profile on, you can upload a picture. That's it.

I'm pumped about the news. Can't wait to see how things work out and how they reflect in the production.

Brian and Jimbo, thanks for letting us feel like we're a part of the deal. I feel like I'm in on a secret. It's cool.

MothandRust said...

There's room for this show on TV. Subtle yet cutting wit without the laugh tracks are tickling the audience in recent years.

Sit-coms have become so formulaic and tired. It takes a good twist like this to find the situation for the comedy. Thank Zeuss for Curb, and extras and the like.

Australians and Americans seem intent on trusting in their invisible sky daddies so much - we NEED someone to poke at it for us.

I've been collecting the best of online religious satire for my blog and (for me) Mr deity is the absolute cream.

I see a lot of The Office in Mr D - the nuances, the big questions. I'm doing everything I can to promote this brilliant online series.

larry said...


You guys are in on "the secret" and by the way have you seen "the secret?" i myself am a big beleiver, and I am tryin to sway Brian, although I don't think he's ready to see it, he is on the right track!

And it's really interesting what Moth says about other shows, because we of course are huge fans of those mentioned.

should be a "sorta big" week for the deity boys, we'll keep you posted.


Jim Guckin said...

I love this show, so whatever is going on with it, I'll still be a fan. I just can't wait until there is a new episode!

Ann said...

My favorite episode was "The messages." Best line: "NOT me."

It would be great if y'all could get paid for this. I'd watch an ad...I'd be annoyed, but I'd watch it. What else am I going to do? Miss my Deity fix?

Fingers and toes crossed for good news.

Joao (Spain) said...

I can't wait any longer for the new episode!!!! I'm tired of watching the old ones. I already the all the lines by heart!!!
Please Mr Deity, WE NEED NEW MATERIAL!!!!!

weekendpundit said...

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of your humor and really, really hoping you get picked up. I could easily see Mr. Deity on FX, be a nice pairing with Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This stuff is smart, clean and fun. I hope the next one is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

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