Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adam Falls for It

Oh dear!, soon as Adam is introduced to us, he's in big trouble; deep trouble.
...and do I sense yet another new character will be developed?
See Mr. Deity and Da Man


RealWingo (just a fan...) said...

After three great seasons of Mr. Deity, we finally have our Adam.

Max Anders is great!

Not only was he apparently the the first man in LA's Ironman competition, (finishing #1), he's the first man on Earth...

Da Man!

zinfab said...

Max slips gracefully into the role. Fantastic choice!

Ellie said...

Just discovered the series by way of Promptly proceeded to watch every single episode, before signing up for a monthly donation.

Absolutely love what you're doing.

zinfab said...

Wingo's falling behind already! ;) j/k.

I only saw Kirk Cameron's banana video last week, or I would not have understood the punchline of this week's episode.