Friday, May 22, 2009


Wow! What a cool teaser trailer for the new Mr Deity!

The Frost-Nixon movie purported to show a heroic chat-host proceed to "break" the King of Crooks.

(If you didn't see the official trailer for "Frost - Nixon", watch it here.)

Then; watch the Mr D. official trailer...

It's a better trailer!

I wanna see the "Larry - Deity" interviews NOW!


Murphy said...

Absolute brilliance. Made a comment on YouTube about B-Ri's continuity wizardry. I have no clue how the man can keep all the intertwining flowing. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Nice to see Larry demonstrating that he has a pair...uh...figuratively speaking.

larry/jimbo said...

Ok, for the record, cause it's seems as though the lines are blurred, I DO HAVE A PAIR, of course they are a tab bit small. But hey, it's what I have!

Murphy said...

Jimbo, you are awesome in this thing.

Mr. Deity said...

Jimbo IS awesome in this thing, isn't he? And we had to do all of his stuff in a rush, 'cause he had to be somewhere or something (so much for being commited to the show).

Murphy said...

Yeah. He probably used some excuse about needing to make money or something.

Anonymous said...

Season 3 is UP!! Go to to see the new site and find the episode!

A Big Fan

Deb said...

Just by chance, I saw this just a week after I watched Frost/Nixon on video. It just cracked me up! I'm really looking forward to the interviews.

zinfab said...

I'm very interested in the interviews. I've heard Brian doing 'real' interviews last year, and I think this is something that is really a smart addition to the show. Not to mention that it could be done pretty quickly for very little money.
(already sent my paypal money to you!)