Friday, March 20, 2009

Words with Mr Deity

Click below to watch "Words," a parallel new series from the folks who brought you Mr. Deity.

Brian Dalton says "it's much more episodic, and based loosely on our actual lives; a 'heightened reality show' if you will."

YouTuber "Twist9" writes: "it's like a "behind the scenes" of the Mr. Deity series itself."

"Words" teaser trailer

Episode 1: "Bit"

Episode 2: "Okay"

Episode 3: "Know"

Episode 4: "Cobbler"


Farmer Clayton said...

Jimbo is awesome.

jimbo said...

Well thanks Farmer Clayton!

zinfab said...

*wakes from a long slumber*

new content! woot!

thanks jim, for visiting us here on the blog. we appreciate it.

but i'm more happy about new content. i have lots of questions, but i'll post again after i've looked at all the new stuff.


Bob Loblaw said...

Where can you find the show on iTunes?