Saturday, January 26, 2008

Downsizing Limbo, (the place, not the dance) meets resistance

...and who woulda thunk those cute little cherubs could be revolting?! Click to watch Mr Deity and the Limbo

(Oh ok, so Cherubs aren't really babies, and they wouldn't be in Limbo...) "Limbo" []


Dave MacD said...

Great episode! There are too many hilarious and really short one-liners to mention them all. I particularly liked:

"I am NOT giving up pinatas."
"Where in my name have you been?"

Also, I can't tell you how hilarious it was that hell is near a McDonalds, a Starbucks, and MLK.

Jimbo, Brian, et alium, Well done!

jimbo said...

thanks so much dave! we appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Not only does he give you herpes, Jimbo, but you don't even get genitals! Great episode, I was sorry it was so short :(

dawn said...

Great episode! I loved every line and I have to watch it again.

Mr. Deity said...

Glad you like it. This was an extremely difficult shoot. Very long. And poor Jimbo had to have tomato put in his hair at least 6 or seven times.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Curses and drat! I've been away from the Mr. D. site and the fan site, so I was unaware that new Mr. D. episodes had been posted.

Now that I've caught up, I must say...

Superb! Perfection! Tres bon! 100%, Grade A, 24-Karat comedy gold!

I was hoping the second season of Mr. D. would be just as good as the first, and Brian and Co. not only raised and called my ass, they cleaned me the fuck out.

Why hasn't HBO picked this up yet? It'd fit perfectly after "Flight of the Conchords" (which is the funniest show that's not "Mr. Deity").

How do we go about paying the Mr. D. folks for consistently bringing the funny? Are there any plans for a DVD?

Murphy J Stillwater said...

Rev JJH, You can do what I did. In the absence of DVD, I bought a "Wait for Lou" t-shirt from There are other shirts and items available. Also, Mr. Deity will miracle out some new items if you have a good suggestion for them.

Hates word verifications... said...

really liked this one guys!

maybe we've seem the beginnings of the Mr. Deity/Lucifer split??

Still hates word verifications said...

obviously i mean "Lucy"

zinfab said...

Second season has certainly hit its stride with several rock-solid episodes in a row!

"I still have a pubic bone!"

What exactly _IS_ Larry, now?


Murphy J Stillwater said...

There's been a great deal of confusion about hell's proximity to Starbucks. It's not THAT one. It's the OTHER one across the street.

Hope that helps.

Alf O'Mega said...

Loving the second season. The chanting babies were hellishly genius.

Speaking of hell, I accidentally erased the first season from my iPod, but now when I download those episodes again from iTunes, most of them are digitally garbled at some point during the playback. After several retries, I've only been able to get clean downloads of episodes 1 and 3. Does anybody know anything about this issue?

Or am going to have to open up a can of wrath on somebody?

Anonymous said...

"I thought I smelled ass."

There are no words...priceless

tom j lawson said...

Can you say 'cock knock' on the interweb?

And lesson learned, you can not have genitalia and still get your share of herpes. Take note, kids.

Loved it!

Dave MacD said...

It's been a long couple of weeks on the grad school front. I'm really looking forward to a new Mr. D. on Saturday. Hope it's a good one.

PS - My word verification is "tacktv". What do you think they would show on a network called TackTV?

zinfab said...

are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?

Anonymous said...

We are! And it is wonderful there, wherever it is. Honestly, that episode rocks. Can I sign up for the new 'afterlife' feature now?

Anonymous said...

TackTV would show ALL the latest innovations in saddle, lariat and horsemanship aids.

Anonymous said...

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